Thessaloniki is Greece’s second-largest city with over 1 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area.

Being both historical & avant-garde. makes it an ideal destination for a short city break.

Here are some reasons why you should visit Thessaloniki this summer!



The city that never sleeps

Having a large student population has lead Thessaloniki into being known as “they city that never sleeps”. Thessaloniki has some of the biggest and well-known universities in the country and an incredible nightlife! Whether you prefer cozy small bars (the ones along Niki Boulevard are wonderful) or barhopping (Valaoritou and Syngrou street have a lot of different options), Thessaloniki will suit your needs!



A stroll down the waterfront

A daily habit for most Thessalonikians is to walk by the central waterfront. It’s always vibrant and when the weather’s nice it gets full of smiling people, outdoor musicians and street-vendors that sell tasty pop-corn. While enjoying your walk make sure you spot Thessaloniki’s famous White Tower.


A Boat Ride on Thermaikos

Ever wanted to try a floating bar? There are a few boats to choose from that will take you on a boat ride. The boat ride is free and all you have to pay is your beverage/drink. How great is that!


Museums and Culture

Thessaloniki is known for its cultural side. Plenty of events are always going on and you can find institutions concerning art, history and film. The museums that you should not miss is the Museum of Byzantine Culture and the Archaeological Museum.

Looking for something that’s less known? Smaller museums like the Folk and Ethnographic Museum and the Teloglion Foundation of Art are also worth visiting.


Local Cuisine

Thessaloniki is known throughout Greece for its sweets, such as the tsoureki from a shop named Terkenlis. You can find plenty of Eastern desserts at local shops and the city’s famous bougatsa; it goes well with coffee!




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