Until we meet again

As descendants of Xenios Dias, the god of hospitality in ancient Greece, we love travellers and we consider them, our family.

As part of our family, we take care of everything, so the only thought left for travellers to care, is “enjoy”.

Enjoy the brighter sun on earth

Enjoy the sea

Enjoy the hospitality

Enjoy the flavors of Greek cuisine

We care and when they leave, we wish them to come back soon.

We care and we know that when they leave, they take back home, Greece with them.

Because Greece is everywhere…

“Kali antamossi” … until we meet again

We care

We like challenges and we accept the challenge to bring the best offers you can get from Greek hotels, restaurants, and entertainment facilities in Greece, to get the most of your vacations.

Our vision is to create a big family sharing the same dream, to visit Greece again and again, and explore the unique culture and philosophy of each destination

Our mission is to find offers from the best places to stay, the best restaurants to eat, the best beaches to swim, the best spots to spend your nights. “Best” for us is the combination of authenticity, quality, hospitality, and joy. This is what we seek in every place we visit before you for you.

We care and we want to have the greatest time while visiting Greece

We care and we wish when you go back home, to take a little of Greece with you

Because Greece is everywhere…


It is a project that aims to promote Greece as a travel destination in the American market as well as the Greek hotels and the areas where they are located.

Visitors of the website will participate in contests to win a free week-long stay in one of the hotels that participate in the “Greece everywhere” program, while they get to know the hotels and their facilities at the same time.

Visitors of the website that want to participate and win a free week in one of the hotels of the program “Greece everywhere”, must answer 2-3 questions that their answers can be found on greecefromhome.com. The questions alternate so the interested party should visit greecefromhome.com and look for the answers in different categories.

Win a free week stay in the unforgettable emotion world of Greece!

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