With the focus on thematic tourism, the planned online meetings of the Municipality of Milos with specialized travel agents, bloggers, and journalists from key foreign markets took place.



The Chairman of the Tourism Committee of the Municipality Mr. Averkios Gaitanis had the opportunity to develop the alternative possibilities of the island with bloggers and journalists from the United Kingdom who specialize in wedding tourism, wellness tourism, diving, and marine activities, as well as with a representative travel agency from Israel with an interest in nature, culture and gastronomic tourism, while from the same country he met a blogger with an interest in walking and ecological tourism.

Finally, the meetings with a representative of a travel agency from Greece specializing in Wedding Tourism, Cruises, Spa, Family, Religious, Culinary Tourism, and diving as well as with an American blogger specializing in gastronomy were also interesting.

The online meetings were organized by MTC GROUP and took place through the platform of the tourism consulting company.




with information from: https://www.tornosnews.gr/foreis/periferies/54108-h-mhlos-provallei-tis-enallaktikes-morfes-toyrismoy.html


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