You are on the Mediterranean beach, holding a brightly colored plastic shovel in your hand, watching your child come back from the sea carrying a bucket. As they marched towards the sandcastle you built together, ready to fill the moat, the water shook on the edge. You can enjoy moments like this, spend a truly good time with your children, and get away from the stress of daily life. No pressure, zero commitment. You can spend a few days wandering around and exploring a new country at your own pace. Therefore, you can create precious memories that will last a long time after you pack your bags and board the flight home. When choosing a destination, the world is your oyster. But whether you are flying abroad with toddlers or teenagers, the Greek islands are ideal destinations for family vacations. Which is the best Greek island for families?


Scenic ruins of the Minos Palace of Knossos, Crete, Greece For those traveling with young people, this is the best Greek island. It is one of the largest, which means it is suitable for everyone, and because of the extremely low crime rate, it is one of the safest. Crete enjoys the longest summer not only in Greece but also in Europe. Hotel Talos in Chania is ideal for families as it is located on the beach and has its own pool.

Family-friendly beaches:

There are hundreds of beaches to choose from, including kid-friendly beaches with soft sand and shallow waters. If your child is very young, the best ones are Matala, Agia Pelagia, and Makrigialos.

However, you don’t want to leave without seeing the dim pink sandy beaches of Elafonisi-this colorful coast is often listed as one of the best in the world. In addition, the level is quiet and shallow, which is very suitable for children. Need to know: You will not be able to take souvenirs from Elafonisi Beach-it is protected, so removing sand, rocks, or flowers is illegal. But don’t forget your camera- this is the ideal place to take pictures of unique holidays!


Things to do for the whole family in Crete:

  • Sea kayaking on the south coast
  • Cycling on mountain roads
  • Walk with dinosaurs at Dinosauria Park
  • Visit Samaia Gorge, the longest in Europe
  • Go underground and explore the Dikteon Caves
  • Step back in time at the ancient Minoan Palace in Knossos
  • Ride a glass-bottom boat in the Old Town of Chania
  • Fly down the water slides at Acqua Plus


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