When Americans are asked to describe their travel in 2022, their top choices include “hopeful”, “excited”, “interesting” and “more”. In fact, 33.2% of U.S. tourists said they will take more leisure travel next year, and the same proportion (33.4%) said they will spend more money on leisure travel in 2022. The average leisure travel budget reported in 2022 is currently $3,797. Beaches, rural towns, and national/state park destinations will continue to be the destinations of most American tourists, with more than 70% reporting plans for these types of destinations. At the same time, 66.2% of travelers currently say they plan to visit the city, although 29.3% say they will increase city trips in 2022. California, Hawaii, and Texas top the list of American tourists looking forward to 2022.

International destinations

Domestic destinations will once again face more competition, as 23.6% of people said they will increase their international travel in 2022. American tourists also want to continue to travel to make up for the time they missed with their loved ones during the pandemic: 39.2% said they will increase family travel in 2022, and 32.8% will increase travel with friends. The prospects for travel in the near term are also good, although the growing COVID and financial issues are the trade-offs. The average American traveler reports that they will make 2.4 overnight trips in the next 3 months, and 80.3% of people now have travel plans.

More than 70% of American travelers have made some travel dreams or plans in the past week alone, especially discussing potential or upcoming trips with others.

However, the number of U.S. travelers who believe that COVID-19 will be with us for a long time is increasing (this week from 61.7% in the week of November 15 to 63.9% this week), and the number of people expected to face the U.S. is also increasing. In the past two weeks, optimism about the pandemic in the United States has fallen by nearly 12 percentage points (26.9%), while pessimism has risen by 10 percentage points, so one-third of people now expect things to get better. It’s getting worse soon.


What makes travelers overthink their next trip?

When asked what prevents them from traveling more this winter, COVID-19-related concerns are a major concern for American travelers. Financial problems are getting more and more serious in the minds of travelers. Gasoline prices, concerns about too expensive travel now, and personal financial reasons are the top five issues that prevent Americans from traveling more now.

Nevertheless, travel remains a bright spot for many–64.9% of Americans said that they would be “happy” or “very happy” to receive a travel-related gift for the holidays.



With information from: https://www.destinationanalysts.com/insights-updates/


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