GOAT: What is it?

Traveler trends shape the travel industry and travelers’ choices on a large scale. A new big trend is emerging in travelers in 2022, who want their next vacation to be the best they have ever done, looking for meaningful and impactful travel experiences.

According to a new survey (August 27 – September 6, 2021) by Expedia, 2022 Travel Trends Report, which is based on data from the platform and a global survey, more than two-thirds of Americans (68%) have high ambitions for the next Holidays and many prefer destinations abroad such as Rome, Bali, London and Paris.

Expedia calls this new travel trend “GOAT” (Greatest of All Trips).

The survey, which was conducted on 12,000 travelers from 12 countries, showed that American travelers are looking for excitement and ecstasy (41%) in such trips as well as the feeling that they have made the most of their trip (40%). Also, travelers are more willing than ever to spend money on their next trip (40%).

Travelers profile

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The new priorities of travelers associated with the “GOAT” trend in 2022 are …

37% of Americans plan a combined vacation at home and abroad in 2022 with their top overseas destinations Riviera Maya / Playa del Carmen / Tulum, Rome, Bali, London and Paris.

The pandemic has made travel difficult and spontaneous for them, with 37% of American travelers admitting to being less spontaneous since the onset of the health crisis. But while travel recommendations and guidelines will continue in the near future, travelers plan to unwind on their next trips. 25% intend to be more spontaneous and live in the moment and another 26% to be more flexible and go with the flow.

After many cancellations of holidays and events, 40% of American travelers want to satisfy themselves and spend money on the next trip. From luxury experiences (15%) to in-room upgrades and flights (16%) and visiting dream destinations (32%), 2022 will be characterized by spending on everything that makes a trip abroad unforgettable. The research also revealed that travelers aged 18-34 are more likely to have such travel behavior (80% vs. 56% of those over 50) while Gen-X prefers luxury restaurants (18% vs. 16% of the average ).


Travel Scenario in 2022

In 2022, American travelers will seek to get out of their travel comfort zone (22%) and immerse themselves in the destination, its culture, and experiences completely different from their own (19%).
From trying new foods (40%) and experimenting with local flavors (31%), to attending a local music event (14%) and searching for unique experiences and destinations (23%), American travelers are curious to learn. and gain experiences from the world.

In 2022 travelers are not just looking for new places, but also the feeling of excitement once again (41%), with 11% wanting to try activities and experiences that raise the adrenaline and 24% looking for an unforgettable night out. For their next trip, 21% are more excited to do things they would never do, such as sleeping under the stars (19%), traveling alone (17%) or taking a romantic vacation (10%). ).

A successful trip is no longer determined by social media likes as travelers’ priorities move towards being present and attentive. More than a third (36%) of American travelers seek a sense of satisfaction and spiritual well-being on their next vacation, and nearly a quarter (24%) plan to spend less time on electronic devices in order to be more present.

The most sought after travel experience by Americans is the opportunity to relax and do nothing on their vacation (38%). In order to reach this level of satisfaction, more than a quarter (27%) intend to spend more time at the destination to experience all that it has to offer. Travel in 2022 will focus on quality rather than quantity, and travelers prefer simple pleasure in order to achieve “GOAT” goals.



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