Greece Everywhere: An initiative aiming to bring Americans closer to Greek Culture

A communication channel targeting Americans who want to travel to Greece

Greece Everywhere’s purpose is to communicate Greece and specific areas as a tourist destination through an experiential experience, which begins while the prospective traveler is still in the United States. Greece Everywhere draws every week, at least one free week stay at hotels in selected tourist destinations.

Along with the draws, Greece Everywhere creates a “Greek Experience” for the American. Before their trip, during their stay and when they get back home.


Greek Brunch

Through the “Greek Brunch“, a unique opportunity to get to know the local products of an area and to cultivate the desire to travel to the area, hotels and producers get to connect with the American consumer, who expresses interest or desire to visit Greece.


Local Ambassador

Greece Everywhere introduces for the first time in Greece the concept of the local Ambassador, a resident of the area who collaborates with Greece Everywhere. The “Local Ambassador”, a young Greek, undertakes to promote his area through videos and interviews to welcome the traveler.

When an American visits a particular area through Greece Everywhere, the Ambassador helps him to live Greece as a Greek and not as an ordinary traveler, through the program “Live Greece as a Greek“. The local Ambassador is “his friend”, the person who will help him in a short time to experience the hospitality and the beauties of Greece.


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