Messinia is a regional unit in the southwestern part of the Peloponnese region, in Greece. The capital and largest city of Messenia is Kalamata. The region is well known for its sandy beaches, forested mountains and must-see archaeological monuments.

Messinia is like a charming muse, draped in rich natural beauty and inlaid with historical gems, seducing legendary writers such as Nikos Kazantzakis, Patrick Leigh-Fermor, or Bruce Chatwin. “Paddy” wrote Songlines while staying together, and even asked for his ashes to be scattered there. Since 2010, the world-class Navarino Coast Resort has placed Messinia prominently on the global tourist map, attracting many experienced tourists to appreciate and witness the cultural, natural and historical wealth of the region.

Experienced travelers go there to get lost or find themselves on a pristine coastline with secluded bays and hidden waterfalls, among ancient olive groves and fruitful vineyards, in deep canyons and along the rugged trails of Mount Taygetus, while exploring beautiful traditional mountain villages and ancient stone-built houses.

Thanks to the new national highway as well as the airport at Messinia’s capital, Kalamata, access to Messinia has become a simple matter.

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