Greece Everywhere LLC based in the USA which specializes in tourism marketing in the American market, and the company Hotel-Exelixis […]
A communication channel targeting Americans who want to travel to Greece Greece Everywhere’s purpose is to communicate Greece and specific […]
The delicious age-old tradition in Greece of offering “Spoon Sweets” to visitors goes way back to the fourteenth century, when the Byzantines adopted […]
You are on the Mediterranean beach, holding a brightly colored plastic shovel in your hand, watching your child come back […]
Icaria, also spelled Ikaria, is a small Greek island in the Aegean Sea and is considered one of the top […]
The European Union said last week that it would relax restrictions on travelers from outside the European Union (including the […]
Although it has been discussed for some time, it is now officially released! From the 19th of April, Americans are […]
Green Rhodes attracts by its charming and fabulous. The old town with an ancient castle and Gothic churches it is […]
Mass vaccination against coronavirus is underway in the UK, raising hopes of going on holiday later in 2021 without the […]
Athens and Santorini been named one of the “most instagrammable” places in the world. The list was drawn up by Big […]