The European Union said last week that it would relax restrictions on travelers from outside the European Union (including the United States) vaccinated.

The European Union closed its borders last year to stop the spread of Covid-19, but many member states that rely heavily on tourism are eager for foreign tourists to return. Compared with 2019, the number of international arrivals in Europe dropped by 70% last year.

According to data from the European Travel Commission, Americans made more than 36 million trips to Europe in 2019. Last year this number dropped to 6.6 million. But now that half of American adults are fully vaccinated, and American airlines are increasingly expanding flights to Europe, some Americans are beginning to consider the possibility of traveling this summer.

After European Commission President Ursula von Dlein hinted last month that fully vaccinated Americans might visit EU countries this summer, search for EU. According to data from flight analysis company Hopper, the price of air tickets from the United States has risen. That’s 47%. This month, Greece became the first major European tourist destination to welcome foreign tourists back home—including Americans—if they are fully vaccinated or tested negative for Covid-19, they do not need to be quarantined.

“Greece is providing what people need,” Greek Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis tweeted when the country reopened on May 15. “A peaceful and carefree moment on the road to normal.

The country has pledged to fully vaccinate the population of its 6,000 islands by the end of June.

When asked how much he missed Americans, Managing Director Markos Chaidemenos smiled and said to NBC News: “You can’t imagine.”

He said that Americans have already started booking-“a long time” and booked the room in advance later this summer. Even before the European Union, Chidemenos, 33, said in announcing the news that since Greece reopened this month, the first group of American guests in more than a year had begun to arrive at the hotel. He added: “Travel agencies are flooded with requests.” But other EU states are more cautious than Greece.


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