Dreaming of a Mykonian holiday, swimming in the pools to the sounds of the latest hits and drinking ice-cold cocktails, you are definitely in the wrong place. The beautiful Old Trikeri is for a few. For very few.

We are talking about a rugged, enchantingly beautiful island in South Pelion, that seems to have been forgotten forever as you will understand from the moment you decide to visit. Take a swimsuit, some everyday clothes, your partner and a nice book and get ready. That is all you will need.

How do you get there?


 You can only reach the island by sea taxi! No problem, since a small suitcase would be enough. Drive to Alogoporos, get on the sea taxi and say goodbye to civilization. From now on you will only see the sea, greenery and the mountains of Pelion and Roumeli.

You will not find a car anywhere. It is completely useless if you think that in three hours you could walk the island from one end to the other.

Once you arrive, you will not find more than a few dozen permanent residents making a living from their businesses on the island: Their traditional tavernas, rentals and cafes. If you have not had a Greek coffee at this view, you cannot imagine what you are missing.

What will you eat?


 We would suggest nothing else than fresh fish. Fried squid or octopus in vinegar? Things are simple there. You drink your ouzo and enjoy the delicious fish bites that smell like summer and tradition.

It’s best to let the waiters fill your table with the treats of the day. They always know what is worth putting on our plates.

Where will you stay?


 There are not many options, but there is something for everyone. There are guesthouses and some suites – do not expect luxury, but significantly more luxurious than the rental rooms you will find as an option. Adventurous people, however, choose something different. Something completely different.

Would you say “yes” to staying at the monastery of Panagia Evangelistria, at the top of the hill on the island?

We are talking about a majestic temple whose construction was started in 1825 by pirates after they found the famous icon of Virgin Mary at the root of a tree. It was completed in 1837.

Strange as it may sound to you, those who choose to stay in one of the 100 cells of the Holy Monastery enjoy the magnificent views, the seclusion, the fresh breakfast in the cobbled courtyard and the absolute peace and quiet.

And best of all, a couple stays there for less than 15 euros a day.



As we said, you will be filled with the sea. The beaches are few, but they will surely satisfy you.

The locals call them Afetka, Agia Sofia and Prasini Ammos, all close to each other. Wild, with turquoise waters and as clear as you will hardly believe, it will not be easy to leave from there.



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